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What all is included in a full roof replacement?

roof replacement

Your roof is more than just a shelter, and the singles people can see from the street. Your roof is actually composed of different components and roofing materials that when put together, make a complete roof.


But what are these components and materials, and after all, why are they even important for your roof? To help you to better understand what all is included in a full roof replacement, we are going to break things down for you.


Let's make one thing crystal clear - every single part of your roof plays an important role when it comes to keeping people inside of the house safe and protected from outside elements. When you choose to purchase a brand new roof, most of the roofing accessories and components are replaced.


#1 Roof decking

Decking is in charge of making up the roof framing. Decking is the wooden boards that serve as a basic layer for shingles and other components.


When you get a new roof installation, you might have to replace decking. You never know whether or not you need a new decking because roofing contractors first have to complete tearing off your old roof.


#2 Roof flashing

Roof flashing is a metal piece that goes anywhere where shingles rely on something, that is, butt up against the chimney, wall, or open valleys.


# 3 Underlayment

Under layment is a synthetic or felt material placed over roof decking to add extra protection. This is one of the most important parts of your roof. Bear in mind that laying down brand new underlayment is a must when installing a new roof.


#4 Drip edge

Those are metal flashing placed all over the roof edges to enhance the control of the water and drain water away from your fascia and other components.


#5 Water & ace shield

Having a waterproof membrane that protects the crown of your house is a lifesaver. When you get a roof replacement, roofing contractors will take care of installing new ice and water shield around your roof.


# 6 Shingles

They are the top roof layer that you can see from the outside. That's why people usually, at first glance, think about shingle replacement when someone says roof replacement.


# 7 Ridge capping

It is specific trim placed at the peak where two roof slopes touch. They are thicker compared to regular shingles and are pre bent.


#8 Roof vents

Without adequate attic ventilation, your roof is at risk. Inappropriate attic ventilation can drastically reduce your roof lifespan because hot and cold air easily stays trapped in. Roof vents allow your attic to breathe.


#9 Pipe boots

New roof installation implies roof pipe covering so water does not run down right into your house.

Getting acquainted with the roofing installation process helps you understand what you can expect on this big day. All in all, getting a new roof means replacing everything, except in the case where some of the components are in perfect condition, which cuts down

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