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Roof Maintenance

reliable roof maintenance services

The best way to keep a roof looking, and performing, as it should is to perform routine maintenance on it. This maintenance can come in many different forms, all depending on how often you help to upkeep the roof. If you are having trouble maintaining your own roof, we would love to put you on a schedule so that we can make sure that we are always there to keep your roof at 100%. We will do assessments, sweeping, raking, pressure washing, de-icing and will thoroughly check your gutters to make sure everything is golden.


The first step int he maintenance process is to gently sweep, and rake, off your roof. This may sound silly at first, but sweeping your roof is a great way to make sure that no spores are taking hold inside your roofing material. When spores grow, they create a fungus that can actually start to eat your roofing. In order to make sure that does not happen, regularly sweeping is a fantastic idea. If you have your roof swept, on a regular schedule, it can alleviate the need for some of the more drastic maintenance steps.

Pressure Washing

If you haven’t had your roof cleaned off in some time, you may need something a little more powerful than a gentle sweeping. If we get up on your roof, and we can see fungus growing, it may be time to bring out the big guns: pressure washing. Pressure washing is a technique that uses an air compressor, mixed with water, to push a concentrate stream of water through a nozzle; creating a jet stream of water. This powerful stream can rip right through dirt and grime. We can adjust the power on the washer to make sure that we are not damaging your roof, while still making sure it is perfectly clean.


Another thing that we can do for you is de-icing and snow removal. Because we have particularly harsh winters, snow, and ice, plague us. And when snow, and ice, build up on your roof, it can be problematic for a few reasons. Snow can add an immense amount of weight to your roof. Beyond that, melting snow, and ice, can create an overabundance of water, which can seep through your roof, and in to your home. To protect you from these issues, we can shovel snow off of your roof, and melt the ice on it for you.


Although we are not gutter experts, when we do come out to check on your roof, we will also make sure that your gutters are in good shape, and working as they should. Gutters work in tandem with your roof, by draining water off of your roof, and away from your home. If gutters aren’t draining as they should, the water in them can back up on to your roof, creating a situation where water can leak through your roofing. To fix this, we will make sure your gutters are cleaned out, and functioning like new.

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