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Roof Repair

affordable roof repair in progress

When it comes to home, or business ownership, one of the things that you will, no doubt, have to deal with, at some point, is roof repair. While roofs are built to last, there are so may factors that can impact how they hold up. If a particularly bad storm season comes through, your roof could be beat p constantly. This can cause shingles to break, or fall off, or debris to punch holes in your roofing material. When these types of problems start to plague you, it’s time to make some repairs, and get your roof back to normal.

Hole Patching

One of the main things that may need to be repaired, over the life of your roof, is the patching of holes. When you think of a hole in your roof, you may be envisioning a giant fissure, that you can look up and see the sky through. And, while this does happen sometimes, most of the time, these holes are very small. But even small holes can cause major problems for you. A small hole will still allow water to pass through it, which can cause flooding in your home; damaging your walls, floors and the structural integrity of your house.


Another problem that you will absolutely face, if you have a shingle roof, is the breaking, or falling off, of shingles. While shingles are often tarred, and nailed, in to place, they are not impervious to outside forces, such as strong gusts of wind. Over time, the binding of the shingle may work itself loose, and when that happens, your shingle has a very real possibility of flying off. The good thing about shingles is that, because they are installed in individual pieces, a broken, or removed shingle, can be easily replaced, and patched back in.


As the last measure of defense on your roof, your roofing company will have most likely put down a sealant over your roofing material. This sealant creates a very thin barrier that helps to repel, and whisk away, rain, snow and ice. This sealant also helps to ensure that moisture does not seep through your roof, and in to your home. When your sealant layer starts to break down, your roof is not as secure as it could be. For this reason, we can come out and apply a new sealant coat; making sure that your roof is 100% protected.


We hope that you never have problems with the structural integrity of your roof. However, there may be some severe cases where your roof has let in so much moisture, that the actual joists of your roof have started to rot. This problem can be extremely dangerous for you, as roofs are heavy and a weakened structure can lead to roof collapsing. If you have started to notice any sort of sagging in your roof, it is imperative that you let us take a look. We can definitely help to prop your roof back up, and make it sturdy again.

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