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Why Is A Brand New Roof So Expensive

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The roof is not just a roof. It is the crowning glory of your house. It protects you from the heat of the sun and the heavy rain. As Spiderman says, with great power comes great responsibility, a high-quality roof also comes with a high cost.


What makes a brand new roof so expensive? There are several factors as to why a brand new roof is expensive. The materials used, the labor costs, the pitch of the roof, and the
insurance are some of the reasons for the high roofing costs. The materials of the roof used are the biggest contributor to the roofing costs. The price of the roofing materials depends on the composition of the shingles used. The Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used residential roofing material in the United States because it is easy to install and affordable.


The Slate shingle is the most expensive but very durable, and can last 100 years. Other roof materials used are wood or shake, concrete tile, ceramic clay tile, metal or steel, aluminum, and copper.


Roofing is not a simple task. It requires training, skills, and mastery of the job. The
demand for high-quality workers is high with little competition. The labor costs for professional roofing workers are a bit high. You do not want an inexperienced person
to fix what’s covering your head. Some cheap contractors hire unskilled workers for lesser roofing costs, you don’t want that for your roof if you want it to last long.


The type of the roof, whether steep slope or gradual, is also considered. The more
complicated your roof style, the more expensive it will be.


Last on the list of factors is insurance. Roofers are on the list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America. Workers need personal fall protection since they are working at high levels where the risk of accidents is high. High-quality roofing companies insured their workers. Roofs usually last a lifetime with only minor repairs needed, but you only have to make one huge investment for it. Always trust the Wauwatosa Roofing experts for all your roofing needs.

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