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Is Roof Repair Tax Deductible?

roof repairs tax deductible

So you probably just got a quote from a local roofing company about a repair on your house. And like most homeowners, you're a little shocked at the price so you're wondering "is a roof repair tax deductible?"

Well, the answer isn't necessarily simple and easy, but we will do our best to explain. Remember, we are NOT tax professionals here and you should always consult with a tax expert before submitting any information to the government.

For simplicity purposes, most roof repairs are not tax deductible. This is because most repair jobs fall under the category of house repairs in the tax laws and not under house improvements. There's a distinct difference.

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    What Is A Roof Repair?

    Repairs are generally considered jobs that are fixing broken items because they are no longer functional on the home. If the object or structure can no longer perform its functional duties, it needs to be repaired. This is assuming it's a small scope project and not an entire roof replacement. This is also assuming these repairs were not the direct cause of storm damage or "acts of God" which could be covered by insurance. Here's examples of roof repair projects that likely are not tax deductible:

    • Repairing a few old shingles
    • Replacing shingles that have deteriorated
    • Repairing some gutter pieces
    • Repairing some chimney flashings
    • Repairing a skylight leak

    These are common areas where the homeowner is simply responsible for the bills as these are normal wear and tear items.


    What About A Leaky Roof Repair?

    Another great question, but most often no a leaking roof is not tax deductible. And again, we're assuming the leak was not caused by a storm or act of God which could fall under insurance. So if you're roof is leaking from normal wear and tear, that bill is on you.

    What About A Rental Property Roof Repair?

    Rental properties are not considered your primary residence, so yes roof repairs can be used for tax deductions here. This is often because the rental property is a source of income that the government is going to tax you own. Therefore, it's a business expense to have a roof repair done and there's a lot you can write off with business expenses. Contact a tax professional for more details.

    How About A Roof Replacement?

    This gets a little trickier, and we again want to stress the importance of working with a tax professional. The short answer is yes a roof replacement project can be used for tax purposes, but not necessarily as an immediate deduction on your taxes.

    It falls in a category of capital improvements which can be leveraged since they increase the value of the property. Most of the tax benefits won't be realized until you actually sell the property though, so it's crucial to save all the documents from the replacement. What often happens is the roof cost gets added to the property value during the sale which aids in your sale price. Since homeowners don't get taxed for gains on the home under $250,000 however, most roof replacements don't see tax advantages.